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Interlaced Chimney Brick
Stock Code Description of Product Dimensions (mm) Hole Diameter Ø     1 Running Meter/Tile Weight of 1 Tile
  BB-05 Interlaced Chimney Brick 330x190x190 mm 130 mm 3 Tile 8.00 Kg.
  BB-05P Interlaced Chimney Brick on Pallets 330x190x190 mm 130 mm 3 Tile 8.00 Kg.
  BB-05A Interlaced Perforated Chimney Brick 330x190x190 mm 130 mm - 8.00 Kg.
  BB-05B Interlaced Perforated Chimney Brick on Pallets 330x190x190 mm 130 mm - 8.00 Kg.


  1. They do not leak as they are interlaced.
  2. They provide good chimney venting as they are nested in each other.
  3. They keep the chimney temperature thanks to the air gap around, thus facilitating the chimney vent.
  4. They do not give the chimney soot out as they are made from baked clay.
  5. As the chimneys are constructed with a vacuum, the interior of the chimney is covered by a slippery wall. Thus it does not retain soot and facilitates the chimney vent.
  6. Interlaced Chimney: It is an idea chimney for wood, coal, gas and any other type of solid fuel.

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